Born in 1998 in Frankfurt am Main (Germany), Nathan MIERDL is a young violinist who mixes the enthusiasm and passion of youth with the wisdom of maturity. He affirmed his personality at the ripe old age of five when he chose to study the violin as opposed to the piano, contrary to his parents’ suggestion. He started his apprenticeship at Frankfurt’s Rhythmix School where he had already attended music classes since he was small, in a most enjoyable atmosphere. He was then admitted to the Conservatoire à rayonnement regional de Dijon (France) the courses of which led him to Christophe POIGET’s classes in Boulogne-Billancourt near Paris. He was admitted to Paris’s Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse in 2013 in Roland DAUGAREIL’s class. There, he obtained his Master’s degree as a concert musician in 2018. 


A simple and convivial young man, buoyant but well-thought-out, Nathan MIERDL moves us with his natural and authentic approach, but also with his deep musicality and his charming virtuosity. Refined and spontaneous, his interpretations are conducted by an innate musical instinct and an imperious need to communicate his emotions through music. The young artist captures his audience by the depth of his playing style, plunging us into the heart of music. For Nathan, his art is only meaningful if it is shared, with the public or with other musicians.


It is in this spirit that he created in 2015 the Gaïa Quartet, which now includes Clément Berlioz, Antoine Berlioz and Laura Castégnaro. Together, they perform regularly in Paris and in other regions of France at various festivals such as Evian or Les Arcs, at which they explore various repertoires, which go from baroque music to contemporary composers such as Thierry Escaïch.


His experience during his studies at the Academy of the Orchestre philharmonique de Radio France and the Academy of the Orchestre de Paris, enabled him to obtain a position as a “tutti” violinist with the Orchestre national de France at the age of 19. In November 2018, he integrated the Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France as associate concertmaster.


Nathan is also a soloist. In the past, international prizes have enabled him to perform regularly with various symphonic orchestras. A few examples are the first prize of the Louis Spohr international competition in Weimar (Germany) in 2013, the second prize of the international violin contest in Mirecourt (France) in 2014, the special prize for the best interpretation of a romantic sonata in the Rodolfo Lipizer international contest (Italy) in 2015 and the second prize in the Ginette Neveu international contest in Avignon (France).


The year 2018 was his best yet: he won no less than four awards at the prestigious Menuhin Competition, also known as the Violin Olympics: the Second Senior Prize, the Arte Concert Online Prize, the Composer Award (prize for contemporary music composed just for the competition) and the Jonathan Moulds Award for Outstanding Potential, giving him oulds Award for Outstanding Potential, giving him access to a top level Stradivarius violin for a period of two years.


Each of these experiences has contributed to making him a promising talent. And we’ve already had a lot of pleasure listening to him up to now.



Birth in Frankfurt am Main (Germany)


Initiation to the violin in Frankfurt am Main 



Conservatoire Jean-Philippe Rameau in Dijon (France)



Pre-College Cologne Hochschule für Musik und Tanz (Germany)



Conservatoire in Boulogne-Billancourt (France)



Music Camp at the Verbier Festival (Switzerland)



Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris


Master’s degree in violin and Bachelor of Arts in chamber music with a string quartet, playing in the Gaïa Quartet



Music Camp at the Verbier Festival



Académie de l’Orchestre de Paris



Birth of the Gaïa Quartet (string quartet)



Académie de l’Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France


October 2017

Violinist “tutti” in the French National Orchestra


November 2018

Associate concertmaster in the Radio France Philharmonic Orchestra 



April  2018        

Second Prize in the prestigious Yehudi Menuhin 


Jonathan Moulds Award for Outstanding Potential (loan of a Stradivarius, 1713, from Jonathan Moulds’ private collection, through J. and A. Beare Ltd, London)


Arte Concert Online Price


Prize for a contemporary composition created especially for the competition


April 2016          

Loan of an Alexander Gagliano violin (Naples, 1705)


February 2016

Award winner of Europe’s Yamaha Foundation



Second prize of Ginette Neveu competition in Avignon (France)


Prize for the best romantic sonata in Rodolfo Lipizer competition (Italy)



Second prize in Mirecourt International contest (France)



First prize in 7th Louis Spohr international competition for young violinists, category 15-18 years of age

Special prize (masterclass in Weimar, Germany)



Second prize in "Vatelot-Rampal" competition in Paris



Second prize in Max Bruch international competition in Cologne (Germany) (concert of award winners at the Cologne Philharmony)


First prize in "Vatelot-Rampal" competition in Paris



Award winner in the Philharmonic Orchestra competition of young musicians in Besançon (France) (series of soloist concerts with the orchestra)

First prize and special prize of the competition in Lempdes (France) 


Grant from the Williamson Foundation for Music



First prize and special prize of the competition in Lempdes



Grant from the Williamson Foundation for Music